Melanie Siegemund

Marketing Specialist | Senior Account & Project Manager | Account Director |
Digitalization & Automation Expert | Process Genius | Software Tool Enthusiast | AI User

“You can only climb the ladder of success if you take your hands out of your pockets.”

Customers opinion/view:

“Thanks to her excellent problem-solving abilities, Ms. Siegemund tackled even the most complex situations with dedication, reliability, loyalty, and confidence, even in stressful situations.” – Toyota Insurance Management SE

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Marketing Technology & Digital Transformation Projects

Project Management with a Focus on Marketing & Events

Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Materials

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Melanie Siegemund

About me

Greetings from Travemünde⚓
I’m Melanie Siegemund, a marketing and digitalization expert, project manager, and AI pioneer with extensive application expertise.

I’m also a problem solver at heart – or you could call me a “Manifestor” in Human Design terms. It means you can rely on me – I stick with things until our match result is perfect.
With a background as a senior-level marketing expert, I have a solid education with three degrees, 20 years of professional experience, countless implemented projects, and just as many bright ideas to innovatively solve challenging situations.

What you can expect from me: I stay up-to-date with constantly evolving technical tools and automations to efficiently streamline processes and achieve success. Combined with transparent communication and strong project management skills, I bring my expertise to practice, elevating your processes – whether during the acute go-to-market phase, a relaunch, or a long-term endeavor.

I look forward to it!

Way of Working

To ensure smooth and optimal collaboration, we follow these steps together.

I generally distinguish between interim and project-based collaboration.


Framework & Project goal

Conditions & Project Objectives We discuss project objectives, budget, working time model, hardware issues, billing modalities, and capacities.



Here, explanations of internal processes take place. I will be integrated into your workflow organization, receive access to relevant tools, and get to know the team.



Now, let's get started! I start planning and executing the project. We schedule regular meetings for joint coordination. Transparent time tracking on my part is a given.



In a retrospective meeting, we discuss successes and improvement potentials together. I'm open to mutual performance evaluation, and I'd appreciate a reference text.



We get to know each other and collaboratively design an optimal offer-demand match. Booking an appointment is easy. I'd also appreciate a phone call or WhatsApp message.



After our discussion, I prepare a re-briefing, including a cost estimate. This ensures that all wishes and requirements have been understood correctly.



Now, there's no stopping! I create a digital project planning board so that the project history and progress are visible and traceable at all times. Additionally, we schedule regular meetings for joint coordination.



A post-project review allows us to learn from experiences, improve work processes, and ensure project success. It would be nice if our collaboration isn't just a "one-hit wonder.

Lets talk!

Booking an appointment has never been easier.

References & Results


The question here is actually, “What is the value of relief provided by a freelancer?”

As with many market prices, the costs depend on various factors such as project scope, task complexity, etc. Once I have more information about the project and requirements and know the timeframe, I can provide specific estimates. As a starting point, my daily rate ranges from €690 to €750. Costs also differ based on whether the collaboration is on-site or online. My tip: Remote work is more cost-effective. For in-person work, I charge travel time as working hours plus expenses.


I have taken out professional liability insurance to ensure that our collaboration provides additional security for both parties. This insurance is designed to cover potential risks and liability claims arising from our business activities, ensuring that we are adequately protected in case of unforeseen events. This allows us to work together in a secure environment and focus on achieving our business goals without unnecessary concerns about potential liability risks.

For smaller assignments, I can usually start within a few days on short notice. For long-term projects, I typically require a lead time of about 14 days.

For smaller tasks, I can usually accommodate short-notice requests within a few days. However, larger projects require a lead time of approximately 14 daysSpecialized Expertise: I bring specialized knowledge and experience in my field to fulfill specific requirements and deliver high-quality results.

  • Flexibility and Scalability: I work on a purely as-needed basis. Clients don’t have to commit to long-term obligations. This allows clients to use resources efficiently and control costs.
  • Time Savings: As a freelancer, I can focus on essential tasks without the distractions and administrative work that come with permanent employees, increasing efficiency.
  • Cost Efficiency and Tax Reduction: Costs are incurred only for actual work performed, without additional expenses for benefits or long-term salary commitments. Costs associated with hiring me as a freelancer can be claimed as business expenses, reducing taxable income and enabling clients to reduce their tax burden.

Certainly, international collaboration is not a problem. As an expert, I work with companies across Europe. We can hold our meetings conveniently online via “Microsoft Teams” or “Google Meet.” I am also willing to travel and work on-site at your request.

All personal data is treated confidentially and used only for the agreed-upon purpose. Additionally, I implement technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of data and prevent unauthorized access.

For example, you can find information on data usage, fully transparent and traceable.

Furthermore, during operational work, I avoid mentioning or linking to sensitive personal data, for example, when working on project boards stored on a cloud.

I strictly adhere to my clients’ data protection policies.

Client Testimonials

Autohaus Rolf Horn GmbH (BMW & MINI)

“Ms. Siegemund consistently found good solutions for all arising problems.”

netzwerk P Produktions GmbH

“Ms. Siegemund always knew how to creatively implement her skills in practice.”

Karlsruher Bäder

“Commitment, exceptional dedication, and great initiative in solving work tasks.”